The Truth About Your Unnatural Deodorant

For years I never thought twice about what my deodorant and other beauty items contained, I just wanted to make sure they worked. Time and time again, I’d purchase my favorite Secret pH-balanced anti-perspirant, always picking a new scent so I could try them all. If you’re pretty active, you probably use twice as much deodorant, before and after your workout or other activity.

To make it easy for you to see, I’ve highlighted the WORST ingredients in the anti-perspirants you may be using now!

First up, Secret’s pH Balanced Anti-Perspirant


Aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex gly
If you didn’t already know, aluminum is what makes your deodorant an anti-perspirant. We all want to stop having sweaty armpits right? At what expense?
Aluminum acts as a plug on our sweat glands to prevent sweating. Doing this forces the body to retain ALL of the toxins it was trying to release through sweat! You can’t stop your body from “wanting” to sweat. So, when you’re about to sweat, but your anti-perspirant is blocking the sweat glands, the sweat reaches that barrier and mixes with those toxic ingredients and then absorbs back into the body.
Aluminum also imitates estrogen, which can enable the growth of breast cancer cells.

This is the biggest reason I made the switch over to natural deodorants!
In 2009, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer (she’s a survivor!). You won’t believe the shock and disgust I had when I realized I was putting carcinogens ON MY BODY voluntarily!! How could I have known? They don’t teach you these things in school!
Aluminum is also linked to Alzheimer’s and nerve issues.
Not to mention those yellow-ish stains left on your white clothing is from the aluminum too.

This is a type of silicon ingredient, widely used in hair products to imitate shine. (If you’ve ever heard of hair stylists telling their clients to avoid Pantene, it’s because of these types of silicone!) They put this in your deodorant to make application more smooth. Research has shown cyclopentasiloxane disrupts hormones and the reproductive and immune systems.
Canada has even banned this ingredient because of how awful it is for the environment!

Little do we know, talc is a very controversial ingredient, and may be a carcinogen. There is many cases of talc causing ovarian cancer in women. Tell me, if talc could cause cancer to one part of the body, why would we put it on ANY part of our body? That’s enough reason to avoid this ingredient altogether!

If you stay clear of soybean oil in your food, it makes sense to stay away from applying it to the skin above your lymphnodes!! If you don’t already know much about soy, please take a few minutes to do some research on it! Soy in itself is not bad, but many people stay away from it because 93% of soy is a GMO and it also promotes the growth of estrogen. An excess of estrogen in the body can be linked to the production of breast cancer cells.

MEN, take a look at these HARMFUL ingredients hiding in your deodorants!

This is why I’m here! I want to help you OPEN your eyes, cut out the life-risking products you are using, and live a healthy life!
If this is your first time hearing about aluminum in deodorants, consider this your wake-up call. You know the truth now! Why risk using these chemicals any more?

ALL of the ingredients in this deodorant are very harmful, and I’ve just touched on some of the riskiest ones. Keep your eyes peeled for the next post covering the rest of the ingredients!

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